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Our Focus In Handling Motor Vehicle Accidents Is Your Recovery 

Every case at Badders Law Firm P.C. starts with an attorney-client relationship built on trust. At your free initial consultation, we will seek to obtain pertinent information, which will include understanding the impact the wreck has taken on you. From the beginning, our entire team will remain focused on your injuries, condition, prognosis and needs.

As we learn about your losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident, we will also investigate the causes of the crash. Accident reconstruction specialists and other experts may help us determine who is responsible to compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Why You Should Hire Badders After A Car Crash

Your recovery should be your greatest focus after an accident. Between dealing with insurance and stress from medical bills or missed work, focusing solely on recovery does not happen alone. That is why our clients have turned to us after their accidents since 1964. We aim to take the burdens of the legal and insurance processes off your shoulders while you heal. Personal injury and car accidents are all we do.

As a third-generation law firm, we aspire to create a family feel. Our attorneys and staff deploy a personable and caring approach. We are not in business for a quick buck; we aim to do right by our clients by fighting for their physical and financial recovery. We are also conveniently located in the Nacogdoches, Houston and East Texas area.

Truck Accidents Are Often Highly Injurious And Uniquely Complex

Because of their size and weight, truck accidents are often highly injurious or even fatal for occupants of smaller vehicles. We take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to preparing injury claims and lawsuits for our clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries or lost a loved one.

The scope of these cases can be overwhelming, which is another reason why it is important to hire a highly experienced attorney. The trucking industry is a complex maze of regulations and intersecting people and organizations, such as the following, that may share responsibility:

  • The trucking company that is most directly in charge of the operations of the transportation operation
  • A dispatcher who sent a particular truck on a particular route
  • A loading dock company that filled the trailer part of the truck with cargo
  • Inspectors and maintenance companies tasked with ensuring that the truck was roadworthy
  • The truck driver
  • The city, state or county in charge of roads and signs

Determining the true causes of a crash and sorting out insurance coverage can be a tough challenge, yet it is worthwhile and necessary.

Let Us Maximize Your Compensation After A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars and offer no external protection to riders. For these and other reasons, a motorcycle accident can quickly result in catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death for the cyclist. When another reckless or negligent driver on the road causes the accident, they should be responsible for the cost of the resulting injuries.

Trying to negotiate for compensation that accurately reflects current and future medical costs, any income you missed during your recovery, and even the cost of your pain and suffering can seem impossible if you are still struggling with your injuries. Let our team act as your advocates in your compensation claim. You can count on us to utilize our decades of negotiation skills for your benefit. If negotiations are not able to result in compensation that you can count on, we are not afraid to take your case to litigation to earn the results you deserve.

Do Not Leave Things To Insurance Companies After A Serious Bicycle Accident

Just as with motorcycles, bicycles offer virtually no protection to the rider. When a reckless or negligent driver of a vehicle strikes a cyclist, the consequences can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, because of a culture in Texas that prioritizes the rights and convenience of motor vehicle drivers, bicyclists are often unfairly blamed for their own injuries, which makes it much harder to pursue much-needed compensation on their own.

After your accident, you may think it is good that insurance companies act quickly to offer you a settlement. You may not realize, however, that the compensation they are offering you is likely far less than you need and deserve for your injuries. Our attorneys will look at what makes your claim unique, and we use those factors to develop an accurate figure of what you deserve in your compensation. You should never leave money on the table in settlement negotiations, and that is exactly what we fight to avoid.

If an insurance company is trying to convince you to leave attorneys out of it, it may be because they want to get away with offering you a settlement that is less than you deserve. Your lawyer may be one of the only people you can trust in your compensation claim, so make sure you choose a legal team with decades of experience to stand by your side.

We Know What Fair Compensation Looks Like For Injured Pedestrians

When a victim of a pedestrian accident tries to negotiate for compensation independently, they may quickly realize that they are not confident of what value they should be negotiating for. There are many factors that compensation should reflect, such as:

  • Lost income
  • Current medical costs
  • Future medical expenses
  • Physical and psychological therapy
  • Loss of bodily function
  • Pain and suffering

Our job as your legal representation is to ensure that you get the compensation that covers all of the losses associated with your injuries, not just the initial ones. We will not be intimidated by other attorneys into settling for less than you deserve.

Frequently Asked Motor Vehicle Accident Questions

After a motor vehicle accident, an injury victim may face difficult and confusing times. Here, we share some of the most common questions and explain how an experienced personal injury attorney can make a difference. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.

What should I do after a car accident?

Your safety should be your priority at all times. Get yourself out of danger and ensure your passengers and everyone else involved are OK. Call 911 if no one has called emergency services. Cooperate with law enforcement, but only talk about facts. You should never say “sorry” or suggest that you were somehow at fault for the accident. In addition, we encourage you to get a medical evaluation, even if you do not have visible wounds or feel ill. This will also help establish a medical record that your attorney can use to calculate your fair settlement.

Should I call a lawyer or my insurance company first?

Based on our experience, we encourage injury victims to call an attorney first. Insurance companies have lawyers and experienced negotiators who may push you to accept an offer that does not represent your actual needs. An attorney can help you learn what you are entitled to according to your damages and can advocate for your best interests.

How is fault determined in a car accident?

It is determined through the analysis and investigation the insurance company adjusters carry out. Adjusters review pictures, the police reports, testimonials, maps and other materials to determine the party at fault of an accident. They will also use the relevant Texas traffic laws and driving rules.

How much is my settlement worth in Texas?

Every car accident is unique, as are the resulting injuries. The value of your settlement depends on the accurate estimation of the damages you experienced due to your car accident. However, settlements should include a set of common damages, like:

  • Past, current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages (past and future as well)
  • Costs of damage to property (your car)
  • Other noneconomic factors such as pain and suffering resulting from your injuries

If you are unsure if your settlement offer is fair, our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to help you.

Our Focus Is On You; We Are Ready To Begin

While we investigate the causes of your motor vehicle accident, we will evaluate your medical records and learn about your short-term and long-term medical and personal care needs. We will also get to know you and your family well.

With the insights that we gain into how your life has changed, we will be ready to persuade decision-makers such as claims adjusters, a judge and possibly a jury that you need maximum available compensation. Get your case started by calling Badders Law Firm, P.C., or by completing our online contact form. We serve clients throughout Nacogdoches, Houston and East Texas. Initial consultations are free.