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Our Practice in Handling Motor Vehicle Accidents Is About Your Recovery 

Every case at Badders Law Firm P.C. starts with an attorney-client relationship built on trust. At your free initial consultation, we will seek to obtain pertinent information which will include understanding the impact the wreck has taken on you.  From the beginning, our entire team will remain focused on your injuries, condition, prognosis and needs.

As we learn about your losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident, we will also investigate the causes of the crash. Accident reconstruction specialists and other experts may help us determine who is responsible to compensate you for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How Would You Describe Your Motor Vehicle Accident?

Our investigation of your accident will grow along with the discovery of answers to questions such as the following about your particular type of crash:

⇒ An Automobile Crash

Was it a single-car accident, a collision between two vehicles or a multicar crash? Was it a t-bone collision, a side swipe, a head-on collision or a rear-end collision? Where was your car towed, and how soon can we inspect the damage in person?

A Trucking Accident

Many people hurt in truck accidents have severe injuries. The severity of these crashes can sometime also lead to the loss of a family member leaving their surviving family members facing many sudden, unexpected losses along with long-term financial needs.

⇒ A Motorcycle Crash

Did a driver of a car or truck collide with your bike and then claim that they hadn’t seen the motorcycle before the crash? How can we overcome possible bias against motorcyclists on the part of a claims adjuster, judge or jury?

⇒A Bus Crash

Did a bus driver run a red light or follow your vehicle or bicycle too closely? Due to the size of these vehicles and the likelihood of injury if an wreck occurs, bus drivers are held to a high standard of safety. We ensure your injuries are assessed and treated while also conducting the investigation necessary to ensure you obtain a fair outcome in your case.

A Pedestrian-Auto Collision Or A Bicycle Accident

Did a car strike you while you were crossing the street in a crosswalk or legally riding your bicycle in traffic? Was it a hit-and-run accident?

⇒ Injuries Resulting From Defective Tires And Other Automotive Defects

Did a manufacturer knowingly sell dangerous car components? Did a repair facility or an inspector fall down on the job?

Our Third-Generation Injury Law Firm Is Here To Help

Personal injury law is what we do. Secrets to our success include knowledge, hard work and a caring approach. Our team is ready to fight to support your physical and financial recovery.

To request a free consultation, call our Houston personal injury attorneys today at 936-649-3169 or send us an email.

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