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A Compassionate Legal Team After A Tragic Loss

When someone else’s recklessness or negligence costs the life of a loved one, it can be the single most painful experience that someone could ever experience. After such a loss, doing anything to take care of yourself or your family can seem impossible. Thankfully, you do not have to go through this alone.

Here at Badders Law Firm P.C., we have been helping the family of those who have suffered wrongful deaths for generations. Our team of Houston wrongful death attorneys knows the kind of hardship you are facing, and we want to be the ones who can help you carry forward into the next chapter of your life.

We Are Here For You

You can never put a price on the life of a loved one, but you still deserve compensation for your loss. The sudden absence of the family’s provider leaves your family’s future in a vulnerable position. Our goal in your legal representation is to maximize the compensation you receive to cover costs like:

  • Future lost income
  • Future lost retirement contribution
  • Medical expenses and funeral costs
  • Lost health insurance
  • Pain and suffering of the decedent
  • Emotional loss of the decedent’s family

When you choose us to represent you, you are choosing a law firm that treats its clients like family. You can trust us to be at your side through every step of the claims process. If negotiations are not able to secure the compensation you deserve, you can bet that we will be ready to take your claim to litigation for you.

Our Experience Can Be Your Advantage

When you are looking for someone to help you through a wrongful death claim, choose someone who knows what to do. We are committed to helping families secure the best possible outcome in their claim, and we are ready to help you as well.

We have offices in Houston, Center, Nacogdoches and Lufkin, so call 936-649-3169 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today. We look forward to meeting with you!

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