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Do I need an attorney for a car accident claim?

If you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident, you may wonder if you need an attorney to handle your legal matters. You have every right to go it alone, but that could be a big mistake. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to hire an attorney after a car crash, truck wreck or other motor vehicle accident.

Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another driver or other careless person, the at-fault party’s insurance company will likely try to get you to settle your case. They come prepared to negotiate and will try to settle your case for the smallest possible amount. It’s not likely you negotiate insurance claims for a living, but an experienced personal injury lawyer does. A good lawyer will understand the true value of your claim and can fight for every dollar you deserve.

Insurance issues are complex

You may rely upon insurance benefits from the days following your accident until far into the future. Some of your benefits may come from your own health insurance policy, some may come from the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

In some cases, one insurance carrier must pay another one back after fault is determined. Meanwhile, you need to pay your medical bills and other expenses while you are injured. The complexity of these issues alone calls for the services of an experienced legal advocate.

Your losses may extend far into the future

One of the key roles of a personal injury lawyer is to assess damages—that is, all of the ways you have been harmed and impacted by the accident injury you suffered. Without an experienced legal ally on your side, you may not obtain the financial resources you need to cover your expenses years, even decades in the future. A large settlement offer may seem good now, but when considering the full scope of your hardships, it may actually be far less than you need.

This one more compelling reason to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer after you have suffered an injury in a motor vehicle accident.