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Get The Help You Need After Your Bicycle Accident

Compared to a car, bicycles have virtually no protection for the rider. When a reckless or negligent driver of a vehicle strikes a cyclist, the consequences can be catastrophic. It is imperative that the cyclists receive compensation that accurately reflects both current and future costs of their injuries, but how can they do that?

Here at Badders Law Firm, P.C., our Houston personal injury attorneys know the hardships that victims of bicycle accidents face. We know the urgency of getting the money you need to cover your injury expenses, and we understand how to help you secure the best possible outcome in your compensation claim.

Do Not Leave Things To Insurance Companies

After your accident, you may think it is good that insurance companies act quickly to offer you a settlement. You may not realize that the compensation they are offering you is likely a lowball offer, and it is far less than you deserve for your injuries.

Our Texas bicycle accident lawyers know how to review your unique situation to craft a custom-tailored strategy for you. We look at what makes your claim unique, and we use those factors to develop an accurate figure of what you deserve in your compensation. You should never leave money on the table when it comes to compensation negotiation, and that is exactly what we fight to avoid.

If an insurance company is trying to convince you to leave attorneys out of it, it may be because they want to get away with offering you a settlement that is less than you deserve. Your lawyer may be one of the only people you can trust in your compensation claim, so make sure you choose a legal team with decades of experience to stand by your side.

Leave The Legal Work To Us

Whether someone drove into, doored you or caused you to drive into harm’s way, let us take the lead in your compensation claim so you can focus on your health.

Call 936-649-3169 to schedule your initial consultation today. We have offices in Houston, Center, Nacogdoches or Lufkin, and we are eager to meet with you.

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