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Seeking justice after a bicycle accident

Cycling is a popular, eco-friendly way to get around Houston. However, like any other form of transportation, it comes with its risks, especially when sharing the road with larger vehicles.

In the unfortunate event of a bicycle crash, you need to understand your legal rights to seek justice and compensation.

Bicycle laws

Texas laws give cyclists the same rights and duties as car drivers. They have to follow the same traffic laws, signals and signs as motor vehicle operators. Additionally, drivers must maintain a safe distance when passing cyclists and yield to them as necessary.


Cycling accidents often result in severe injuries. The costs of medical care, property repairs and missed work can quickly add up. If someone’s negligence causes you to get hurt in a bicycle incident, you have the right to pursue a settlement through civil lawsuits or insurance claims. You can seek recovery for your expenses, including doctor visits, property damage, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Legal claims

Filing a lawsuit can help you get the repayment you deserve. You must prove that the other person’s carelessness led to your accident. Negligence happens when someone does not take reasonable care and harms another person. Speeding, distracted driving, running red lights or failure to yield to cyclists are examples of negligent actions.

You need proof to establish the cause of the wreck and show the extent of your damages. Evidence can include pictures, witness statements, police reports, medical records and other relevant documentation.

Handling the legal process can be complex, especially while recovering from injuries. Knowing how to protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies and pursue fair compensation can help you achieve the desired outcome.