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The importance of uninsured motorist coverage

Car insurance is a requirement in Texas, but not everyone abides by the law and follows these requirements.

Getting into an accident is a tough situation, but finding out that the driver at fault for the accident does not carry insurance makes it much worse.

Adding extra insurance

Uninsured motorist coverage is an additional insurance policy that covers your costs of damage and injury when that at-fault driver does not have coverage. Your standard liability policy only addresses the damage and medical care of another driver. It does not take care of your own costs related to an accident.

Unless you have collision coverage or personal injury protection, you are at risk of paying for your costs if the other driver did not carry insurance. Your health care plan could also help with injuries and medical expenses, but it does not offer the long-term protection you need if you cannot work because of your injuries.

Having supplemental protection

With uninsured motorists, you get financial coverage for several things. It will help pay for car repairs or to replace property in the car damaged during the accident. You can use the policy to help with rental car costs, as well as medical expenses. You could also receive supplemental damages related to pain and suffering costs.

Anyone who drives should purchase uninsured motorist coverage. Typically, these policies also include underinsured motorist coverage. This protection brings peace of mind that your costs for an accident with an uninsured driver are not coming out of your pocket.