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The dangers of I-45 in Houston

Houston is a major hub of activity and travel for Texans as well as for travelers from out-of-state and abroad. It stands to reason, then, that countless people travel along the prominent highway I-45 as they come and go from the state’s largest city.

This interstate road, specifically the stretch through Houston, is actually one of the most dangerous in the country. Motorists can take steps to protect themselves and others by understanding why I-45 is so dangerous and by raising awareness of legal action that might make the highway safer.

Why I-45 through Houston is one of America’s deadliest roads

One report finds that I-45, which extends from Dallas to Galveston, averages 56.5 fatalities annually per every 100 miles of road. The stretch through Houston, however, accounts for 73 deaths in 2019. The busy urban environment and driver complacency could be the root causes of the high fatality rate.

How I-45 can become safer for drivers and the community

One Harris County attorney is engaging in a lawsuit against the Texas Department of Transportation and its expansion efforts regarding I-45. The lawsuit claims that the TxDOT is not sufficiently considering the environmental impact of its plans nor is it heeding valid community concerns. Citizens who similarly oppose potentially damaging expansion efforts of I-45 can do their part by raising awareness of the problem and showing support for causes that prioritize more forward-thinking efforts.

Dangerous and bustling highways are hotspots for catastrophic injuries and even wrongful death. Individuals who suffer due to an accident on I-45 have the right to pursue financial compensation from the liable parties.