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Tips for winter weather driving in Texas

Winter weather brings unique hazards to the road that drivers in the South do not commonly have to face. A slate of winter storms has led to sleet and ice affecting 1,600 Texas roads and leading to multiple collisions and deaths.

Since such conditions can strike unexpectedly, Texas drivers should consider some safe driving tips for snow and ice.

Take extra time and leave earlier

Whether walking or driving, everyone should move slower on snow, ice or slippery conditions. Rushing to get somewhere can lead to a terrible accident, so drivers should be more deliberate.

Clear snow and ice completely off of vehicles

Clearing only a small space for visibility can create circumstances for a collision. Drivers should thoroughly defrost windshields and clear snow and ice off windows and mirrors.

Snow on top of the car could be dangerous when flying off, so drivers should brush thick piles off the roof. Headlights, brake lights and turn signals should also be clear to allow other drivers to see a traveling vehicle.

Avoid aggressive and distracted driving

Tailgating or aggressive maneuvers are unsafe anytime, but wintry conditions make such actions more unwise. Drivers should stay patient and extra attentive during snowy weather.

Remember that no vehicle is invincible

Every vehicle loses its grip on ice. A pickup truck or sport utility vehicle with all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive can still lose control, perhaps even worse than a smaller vehicle. Since Texas trucks often do not have snow tires, drivers must take their time, no matter what kind of automobile they have.

Wintertime creates new hazards, but conditions should not have to cost anyone’s life or safety. By keeping these tips in mind, motorists can help keep the roads safer.