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Your options when hit by an uninsured driver

Experiencing a motor vehicle accident is much more than a minor inconvenience, especially if you or your passengers sustain a severe injury. Even so, you can typically expect a straightforward return to normalcy thanks to insurance – unless the person who hits you is an uninsured driver.

The Texas Department of Insurance explains that state law requires drivers to provide proof that they can pay for damages they can in an accident, usually through auto liability insurance. You can take the proper steps toward getting the compensation you need by knowing your options when hit by a driver failing to meet legal insurance requirements.

File an uninsured motorist claim

While the law requires every driver to carry a certain amount of coverage, insurance companies recognize that some individuals may try to evade that requirement. As such, you can add uninsured motorist coverage to your own policy. This ensures that your insurance provider will pay for damages to your vehicle that occur in an accident with a driver lacking coverage

Take legal action against the at-fault driver

Neglecting to carry the amount of auto insurance mandated by state law is obviously illegal, meaning you have solid grounds for filing a lawsuit against such a driver who causes damage to you or your property. This is one valid option for pursuing the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Keep in mind, however, that going to court can be costly in itself and that an individual who cannot afford auto insurance also may not be able to afford to pay out a settlement determined by the court.

The best measure you can take against uninsured drivers is to carry the right kind of insurance policy yourself. If you wish to take the matter to court, though, you have every right to do so.