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5 alarming car accident statistics for Texas drivers

There is an inherent risk when driving anywhere, but for those traveling in Texas, there are some alarming statistics highlighting particular accident and injury risks.

Motor vehicle accidents can bring serious injuries or death, permanently altering the course of your life. Knowing your risks and working to minimize them can help keep you safe while traveling through Texas.

Fact 1: A fatality occurs every one hour and 57 minutes

Fatalities in Texas from car accidents are on the rise. Crashes in the many rural areas across the state account for 51% of traffic fatalities.

Fact 2: An injury occurs every two minutes and 12 seconds

Even minor vehicle accidents can result in injury, leading to 239,539 people injured across the state in 2021. An injury can change lives, keeping people out of work, causing lifelong disability or creating severe emotional trauma.

Fact 3: A reportable crash takes place every 57 seconds

A reportable crash encompasses any accident where injuries occur, fatalities happen or property damage occurs. In 2021, 15,764 serious injury crashes occurred, leaving 19,448 people with serious injuries.

Fact 4: Impaired driving caused 24% of traffic fatalities in 2021

Drivers under the influence play a role in the number of crashes, injuries and deaths across the state. Legal intoxication occurs at  0.08 percent blood alcohol content.

Fact 5: Pedestrian and pedal-cyclist fatalities are on the rise

Pedestrian fatalities rose 15.24% in 2021. Fatalities for cyclists rose 13.92% in the same year.

Traveling through Texas carries some risk. Whether causing injuries or fatalities, traffic accidents are a concern.